The Path to a Smooth Brexit - Marcus Fysh MP

A smooth path for our trade with the EU is in the interests of all on both sides of the Channel. It has the overwhelming support of the majority of the British people as well as most sensible politicians who respect the result of last year’s EU referendum.

In My View - 6th July 2017

Over the past couple of weeks nursing has come up in several contexts and it’s such an important field of work that affects lots of different parts of our lives.

In My View - 22 June 2017

Tragic events of the last few days have left us looking for answers to make sense of it all.

In My View - 13th April 2017

The House of Commons is now on Easter recess and it’s been wonderful spending more time here in Somerset. My family and I had a really good visit to Ham Hill - I understand we are due to have a prolonged spell of good weather and I thoroughly recommend it.

In My View 6th April 2017

Now that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty has been invoked to begin the process of the UK leaving the European Union, negotiators on both sides are focusing on the practicalities of our future arrangements.

Marcus commits to dualling of the A303

THE A303 should be the government’s top priority, despite calls to scrap improvements over fears it will devastate the environment, according to South Somerset MP Marcus Fysh.

In My View - 30th March 2017

Last week brought a shocking reminder of both the fragility and the importance of our democracy.