Marcus Fysh on rationalising Brexit

Last week I spoke in a House of Commons debate on our membership of the European Union. I expect the issue to dominate things in Westminster for the next few months and have heard equally passionate arguments from politicians and local residents.

Rates and broadband in Yeovil... and Donald Trump

This session of Parliament is in full swing and as before Christmas there is a real buzz and sense of energy about the place. It’s a privilege to be in Westminster when issues of huge importance on the national stage are being determined but what is still really striking is the variety of things that MPs can, and should, get involved in.

Positive steps for the Glovers and for Yeovil

It was good to see Yeovil Town Football Club move out of the relegation zone this week, and it is great that some key players are coming back from injury. The last couple of years have been tough for the Glovers and their fans, especially the last few months. 

Marcus Fysh - should Donald Trump be banned from Britain?

This week Parliament debated a petition to ban Donald Trump, businessman and "Apprentice" supremo, from entering Britain, in Westminster Hall. Over 100,000 people signed the petition, hence it was selected for debate, however whether Mr Trump plans to visit is uncertain.

Marcus Fysh - better funding for the police

Perhaps the most important job of the Government could be broadly called security. That means protecting safe stability – whether it’s safety from external threats, from anti-social behaviour, from illness and from economic instability.

Marcus Fysh - localism, the EU and mental health

January is named after Janus, the Roman God of beginning and endings. It’s a time when it’s right to look back over the past year and also forward to what’s to come. More of that shortly but I think in many ways what we need is stability and progress.