In My View - 5th October 2017

In a fortnight of ‘big speeches’ which I am not convinced have much of an audience outside of the conference centres in which they are made, I would like to focus on three pieces of good policy news which have been connected to grass roots campaigning and will make a real difference.

In My View - 21st September 2017

The House of Commons is in recess now for the party conference season and as usual I am enjoying being in Somerset and seeing more of my family. I have been critical of the timetable before and don’t wish to labour the point but I still think it needs to change.

In My View - 14th September 2017

As we come to the end of another big week in Parliament it is useful to reflect on events since I became an MP in 2015. I am sure that there is never been a time that has felt quiet in Westminster but the last two years must be classed as exceptional.

In My View - 7th September 2017

The House of Commons returned this week after the summer recess. Because of the party conferences though, we are only back for two weeks. I’ll come back to that and why I think it should change but what it does mean is that this is the busiest session of the year.

Brexit change need not be feared - Marcus Fysh MP

As workers, captains of industry and politicians take their breaks across Europe this summer, they may be wondering what the best way is to ensure smooth and constructive ongoing business between the EU and UK.

In My View - 3rd August 2017

As we enter the traditional holiday period of August those keen on political drama can look across the Atlantic where the White House reality show seems to be veering from The West Wing to The Sopranos to Survivor.

In My View - 27th July 2017

Last week I had a good meeting with the Chancellor, Philip Hammond. In particular I wanted to discuss HMRC’s customs declaration system whose upgrade is a part of the Brexit preparation that is urgent to ensure a smooth transition.

The Path to a Smooth Brexit - Marcus Fysh MP

A smooth path for our trade with the EU is in the interests of all on both sides of the Channel. It has the overwhelming support of the majority of the British people as well as most sensible politicians who respect the result of last year’s EU referendum.