Protecting and enhancing the world around us

Whether it is putting net zero carbon emission targets into law and maintaining the focus on renewable and clean energy, making sure less plastic goes into our waste, getting the planning framework and guidance to take more account of historic heritage and uplifting design and arguing practically for more sensible local planning targets from the Council and fewer “bolt-on” developments without proper infrastructure, or setting up new Marine Conservation Zones including protection for cetaceans such as I have championed, I want to make the world around us as we experience and affect it a better place. I have raised concerns about fracking after listening closely to local environmental groups and campaigners, so I am pleased to see any threat of it in Somerset has been removed by the Government’s recent decision not to allow fracking.  Our high streets and town centre environment will also benefit from the Future High Streets Fund which I successfully helped Chard and Yeovil apply for to help with their regeneration. Pride in our surroundings is a key ambition we should all try to have, which helps with other aspects of life.