In My View - 2nd November 2017

Good news this week as Highways England has announced the preferred route for the dualling of the A303 between Sparkford and Ilchester.

In My View - 26th October 2017

Last week I attended a South West Growth Summit put on by our Local Enterprise Partnership in Exeter and I would like to start by saying thanks to everyone involved for what was a very positive event.

In My View - 19th October 2017

The next Budget is on Wednesday 22nd November and in the last week the first round of speculative news stories began.

In My View - 12th October 2017

Business resumed in the House of Commons this week starting well with an announcement of serious funding to prepare practicalities for systems such as our borders for leaving the EU.

In My View - 5th October 2017

In a fortnight of ‘big speeches’ which I am not convinced have much of an audience outside of the conference centres in which they are made, I would like to focus on three pieces of good policy news which have been connected to grass roots campaigning and will make a real difference.

In My View - 21st September 2017

The House of Commons is in recess now for the party conference season and as usual I am enjoying being in Somerset and seeing more of my family. I have been critical of the timetable before and don’t wish to labour the point but I still think it needs to change.