In My View - More Help Needed for Self-Employed

Snap polling undertaken by YouGov after the Boris Johnson’s address to the nation showed overwhelming support for the new rules being imposed with 93% of respondents being strongly or somewhat in favour of the action.

In My View - Help for Businesses and Workers

It’s hard to remember the great sense of optimism with which we started 2020. By the end of January there were two confirmed cases of coronavirus or COVID-19 in this country.

In My View - Coronavirus Update

Issues relating to the coronavirus are now affecting many areas of Government and decision making across the world.

In My View - Thanks to the NHS

This week it feels we have entered a new phase of facing reality with the coronavirus. What was a threat from overseas is now in our country and the number of cases will rise, but hopefully can be controlled.

Somerset Cheddar and Brie

Marcus raised marketing for Somerset produce such as cheese with International Trade Secretary Liz Truss in the House of Commons today. You can read the full statement here.

Mr Marcus Fysh (Yeovil)