Somerset MPs welcome funding increase for local authorities

Parliament yesterday (Wednesday 7 February 2018) approved the funding settlement for English local authorities that will see a real terms increase in available resources over the next two years and give them access to over £200 billion from 2015 to 2020 to deliver the high-quality services their

In My View - 8th February 2018

This week I am overseas, in Canada and America, on a factfinding and relationship building trip with the International Trade Select Committee.

In My View - 25th January 2018

Headlines this week have been dominated by Boris Johnson and the NHS in a way that sadly highlights the confused discourse that continues on this most important of issues.

In My View - 18th January 2018

Last week I visited Rome to meet the top management of Leonardo including the CEO, Senor Alessandro Profumo.

In My View - 4th January 2018

Although the start of January always has something of a ‘back to school’ feel about it, it’s an exciting time of year. Whilst many of us have enjoyed a break we are of course all indebted to those working, including in the emergency and other public services, over Christmas and New Year.

In My View - 21st December 2017

My office in the House of Commons is on a somewhat bland but high corridor just off the public rooms of Upper Committee Corridor. Although small, I like it as it is close to the chamber.

In My View - 14th December 2017

Good news from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs this week relating to an issue that I know many people have had concerns about. The Government has published a draft Bill about animal welfare which gives explicit recognition of animal sentience in UK law.

In My View - 7th December 2017

The House of Commons is now half way through the current stage of the EU Withdrawal Bill and it does continue to dominate proceedings here, touching on so many different policy areas.