In My View - Marcus on the British Summer and St Margaret's Hospice

It wouldn’t be right to get through August without mentioning the weather. Regardless of how you vote or think, we can all get together under an umbrella and celebrate the British summertime, and as I write the sun has come out so the idea of snatching a few hours at the beach beckons!

In My View - St Margaret's Hospice

The week has been dominated by concerns about the proposed closure of in-patient services at St Margaret’s Hospice in Yeovil and the fight to prevent it.

Report on Authorising the Use of Military Force

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, of which Marcus is an active member, conducted an inquiry on Parliament's role in authorising military action. You can read full details on the Committee's website here.

Marcus' July Newsletter

You can read Marcus' July Newsletter with details about some of his recent work here.

In My View - Marcus on Lobbying Wins for Somerset

We’ve had some brilliant news for Somerset lately and it’s all come at once. Much of my work as an MP is lobbying; trying to influence Government or other agency’s decisions, usually to support the interests of South Somerset.