Yeovil MP calls on MoD to keep equipment on site in Yeovil

Marcus Fysh has today urged the Ministry of Defence to keep helicopter engineering equipment based in Yeovil. In particular the MoD may be able to exert pressure over use of the jigs and tooling set-up used by GKN and help ensure that work stays local.

Marcus explains, ‘I’ve written to the Minister seeking clarification as to the ownership rights to the plant there. If as I understand the Ministry of Defence does own it then it absolutely must insist that the work is not allowed to be moved from where it is. Essentially, the kit and the skills are already in Yeovil and that’s where they should stay, as I am working with other firms to see whether there is a future for the GKN site and its employment under different scenarios and ownership structures.'

Yeovilton has just been designated as one of two specialist national centres for helicopter operations under the Government’s review of the Defence Estate.