In My View - Eat Out to Help Out

This week saw the launch of the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme which will run through August. On Mondays to Wednesdays you can get 50% up to £10 per person off the cost of food and soft drinks so do give it a try if you can – as well as much needed help for restaurants, cafes and pubs I hope it gives lots of people an enjoyable little boost too. I understand that one of my team was fast off the blocks with a trip to MacDonalds on Monday. Not everywhere is taking part in the scheme but if you look up the Government website there is a postcode checker which will show you nearby places involved. I typed in my Yeovil office postcode and found 49 places within 5 miles so lots to choose from.

I know that many people are concerned about some new outbreaks of the coronavirus and also news from abroad along those lines. We do need to be cautious but the vast majority of public places are doing a really good job of taking sensible measures to protect people. It’s a really tough time for people planning weddings and I know that the decision to pause the easing of restrictions is a huge disappointment for them. 

What is very positive news on getting back to normal is that two new virus tests which give results in just 90 minutes will be rolled out over the coming months to the NHS, care homes and others. This can dramatically reduce the amount of time that people who have the virus are unaware and so prevent transmissions. It’s also going to be hugely helpful for people who feel they have possible symptoms and want to rule it out so they can see their families, go to work and not have to isolate. The tests have been developed by DnaNudge and Oxford Nanopore and our gratitude goes to them for their fantastic work.

If compromises do have to be made to keep the spreading of the virus down I am sure that children should be one of our main priorities. By September some will have been out of any meaningful education for half a year, missing out on not just the academic progress but the socialising, sports and all the other aspects that make up a young person’s development. Some of the media are painting a stark choice between closing the pubs or the schools but it is unlikely to be as binary as this. The evidence here and abroad continues to show that children are very unlikely to catch or spread the virus.

Some good news is that Yeovil’s iAero is one of 8 projects across the South West that is receiving a cash boost from the Government to promote work hubs as part of the Getting Building Fund. Building skills and creating new jobs is more important than ever and I hope this leads to some exciting opportunities.

As always, to get in touch please do email or call 01935314321. My office is open, albeit remotely for the moment, throughout the summer.