Marcus opens Haselbury Plucknett's new defibrillator

The new defibrillator in Haselury Plucknett was given its official unveiling by local MP and County Councillor Marcus Fysh MP. Located in the old public telephone box, the new defibrillator will provide the village with a vital piece of life saving equipment. Mr Fysh was honoured to have the opportunity to open the defibrillator in front of many of the village’s residents. The local residents have spent many weeks fundraising for the installation of the defibrillator as well as the restoration of the telephone box that was provided by the Community Heartbeat Trust.

“I am delighted that Haselbury Plucknett now has access to such an essential piece of medical equipment. This will now provide the village and its residents with a life-saving facility. The great thing about this specific piece of medical equipment is that it can be used by anyone, whether they have a medical background or not, because Although we would all hope that no one in the Haselbury Plucknett would ever find themselves in a situation to use it, it’s important and good news that we know the defibrillator is there. 

More villages and other remote communities throughout Somerset should have access to such life-saving equipment like a defibrillator, as it can potentially be the difference between life and death. With such health emergencies like heart attacks, time is everything, and the sooner action is taken, the greater chance of recovery.”

Haselbury Plucknett Parish Council Chairman Mark Keating was also there to see the defibrillator being unveiled. “I am so thrilled that the village finally has this life saving medical equipment. This has been a long time in the making and with the full backing of the entire village, residents know that if the worse does come to the worse, the equipment is there to help. Not only does this benefit the village by saving lives, but it also helps renovate the old telephone box. It is a great shame when unused telephone boxes begin to be forgotten. This is a great way to reinvent local telephone boxes and provide such an important facility to Haselbury Plucknett.”