In My View - 22nd November 2018

The Palace of Westminster isn’t like a modern work environment in many ways and, whilst it is a privilege to be there, it does present certain challenges including a lack of meeting rooms and quiet spaces.

In My View - 15th November 2018

Last week I visited Rotterdam on a trip to look at port and related facilities there. As Europe’s biggest port, it has the effect of making the Netherlands our third biggest destination for exports after America and Germany.

In My View - 25th October 2018

Good news this week on a public health issue I have been interested in for some time. In response to a question in the House of Commons chamber I asked on Tuesday, health Minister Steve Brine announced a consultation with a view to introducing the fortification of flour with folic acid.

In My View - 4th October 2018

I was at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham for the first half of the week. I have been very critical of Conference season in the past as it takes up three weeks of the Parliamentary calendar just after the summer break and remains a little bit too corporate.

In My View - 6th September 2018

I think it’s important to pay tribute to our grass roots campaigners. Contrary to what some of my political opponents may falsely say, getting letters, emails and telephone calls from people in the Yeovil and South Somerset constituency is very welcome and central to my role as a representative.

In My View - Thursday 26th July 2018

Parliament entered its summer recess this week and it is a good point to look back at the last few months and also to the autumn session ahead.

In My View - Thursday 28th June 2018

Global Britain is an attractive slogan, evoking thoughts of our great trading heritage and also some of our cutting edge technologies leading the world. We can enter new and expanding markets as well as enriching our cultural connections and exploring interesting import options.

In My View - 24th May 2018

As an MP you get a fantastic set of opportunities to have meetings and discussions with interesting people from across the globe; Mark Zuckerberg perhaps proving an exception to the rule as he is at present refusing a House of Commons Select Committee summons (although not from one of the committ

In My View - 17th May 2018

Parts of an MP’s job are a real privilege and so may I say a big ‘thank you’ to all the organisers and helpers at both the St Margaret’s Hospice Summer Fete and the Haselbury Plucknett Summer Fair for involving me in their brilliant events at the weekend.