In My View - 29th September 2016

The bloodied faces of children in Aleppo let down by the failure of the ceasefire in Syria this week are tough but necessary viewing.

In My View - 15th September 2016

Earlier this week the Boundary Commission revealed its proposals to change the configuration of some of the seats in Parliament.

In My View - 8th September 2016

Economic performance since the nation's vote to leave the European Union has been positive, with strong data reported in the UK's consumer, manufacturing and service sectors.

In My View - 16th August 2016

The economy received a welcome boost from higher consumer spending last month. After the exertions of the last year I expect people are relieved to have a bit of warm weather in which to relax and make merry.

The EU, potholes, fracking and flooding in Yeovil

I’ve just had a brilliant few days of visits and open surgeries in the constituency at the end of the Easter Recess, and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along. 

Education and academies in Yeovil

The main part of my job as an MP is to represent groups and individuals in the Yeovil constituency in Westminster; to speak up with their hopes and concerns and to get them the best deal I can with the Government. Of those one of the groups that we should listen to and support most are our excellent local teachers.

Yeovil Street Pastors

Last Friday evening I hit the streets of Yeovil with the Yeovil Street Pastors to find out more about their work and some of the issues facing the town centre. The Pastors are a nationwide group of volunteers from local Churches who help their communities with some of the challenges particularly around nightlife.

The EU and infrastructure in the South West

When you stand for election as an MP, much as you might hope, it is not known what government might be formed and what that might mean for getting things done and how much a government might rely on your vote, if you win.