AGC Aero Composites apprentices awarded certificates by Marcus Fysh MP

Apprenticeships at AGC Aero Composites were presented their Apprenticeship completion certificates by local MP Marcus Fysh. Attended by Directors and families and friends of the apprentices, it was a fantastic event that celebrated the hard work and achievements of the apprentices.

“I was delighted to be asked to return to AGC Aero Composites in Crewkerne to present the newly qualified apprentices with their completion certificates. When the Directors brought out their apprenticeship certificates from a few decades ago, it shows how valuable apprenticeships can be as a way into the world of work. Apprenticeships like these are so important in developing much needed highly skilled jobs and in sustaining our local engineering and technology sectors.

These qualifications open up valuable opportunities as they show people not only have the skill, but importantly, the experience to pursue that field of work. And of course, we must continue to make sure that the lucrative jobs associated are here to stay.”