ADHD Yeovil Support group fun day

The ADHD Yeovil Support Group held a fantastic fundraising event last week, where they raised awareness of the condition and its symptoms and challenges. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has many characteristics including hyperactivity, inattentiveness and impulsiveness. It is one of the most common disorders in children as most cases are diagnosed in those aged between 6-12 years old. Marcus Fysh MP went along to the event at Yeovil Methodist Church on Friday 22th July, to learn more about the hurdles and day to day lives of parents whose children have ADHD. It is often an overlooked disorder that does not get the amount of focus that other behavioural conditions receive.

“ADHD is a condition that affects children in many of our local schools. The way it affects all children isn’t universal as this varies from child to child. Often seen as those that distract in class, the naughty children, those that shout out; children with ADHD are often misunderstood. The condition means they are easily distracted and find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time. Speaking with parents of children who have ADHD made me realise the potential hurdles those with ADHD and their families face. Events like this, with fun games and a wide variety of stalls are brilliant activities to help raise awareness of the condition.

I will make sure these difficulties are brought to the Government’s attention and also how parents feel more investment should be made in easily accessible training for staff in schools on how to understand and support children with ADHD throughout their school life. Many schools already receive some level of staff training on ADHD; however, consistency is key to the effectiveness of the training. Many famous names throughout history had ADHD, including Albert Einstein and Michael Phelps, so we must make sure that no one with ADHD should be held back in their education purely based on the condition.”